Dominatrix Genetics is a Cannabis breeding and production company located on the central coast of California. It is a collaboration of individuals with a long history in the Cannabis industry, who wished to create a company that had the resources to collect genetics from around the globe and then breed them to create new unique and elite varieties with attributes that no one has ever seen before. We wish to apply existing breeding, production, and marketing practices taken from the agriculture and horticulture and apply them to the Cannabis industry to help it grow and mature into a commodity on equal footing as other plant production trades.

We strive to lead the way in setting the standard for Cannabis breeding. Our desire is not to simply create the next trendy new variety, but instead to systematically explore the full potential that can be found within the Cannabis genome.

We love Cannabis in its entirety – growing it, breeding it, smoking it, and sharing it. Our company exists to take the creation of new varieties to the most professional level possible, because we want to see everything Cannabis has to offer.

The potential for breeding success is directly correlated with the quality and diversity of genetics available to the breeder. This reality means that companies like ours are needed not only because we have the scientific knowledge and technical skill to do it, but because we have the resources and the experience to travel and acquire the best genetics that exists from around the globe. It isn’t so we can grow what everyone else is, quite the opposite. By maintaining and actively growing our selection of both male and female varietal lines, we accumulate the largest potential number of genes available that can then be used to combine into different combinations to create the broadest diversity of attributes possible.

Please continue to follow our efforts as we investigate the wonderfully complex potential in the Cannabis plant, and release the results of our efforts as new elite varieties to the Cannabis community. We are never satisfied, and you can be sure we always have something even better coming right around the corner.